Are you looking to be completely pain free after finishing your best race ever?

I love to create fun, flexible healthy eating plans for people with active lifestyles. I specialize in getting great results for runners, fitness walkers, and cyclists.

These menu ideas are offered through my one-on-one programs and through 90 minute one-on-one single sessions, called blue prints.

Through these 90 Minute Blue Prints and programs, I will guide you through the process of reaching any personal health goals that you have.

I offer the following one-on-one  90 Minute Blue Prints:

The 90 Minute Blue Print for Optimal Musculoskeletal Health, which includes an introduction to anti-inflammatory menu options and superfoods for clearing up chronic pain and preventing sports injuries.

The 90 Minute Blue Print for Slimming Down while Feeling Satisfied, which includes an introduction to a healthy eating plan for losing weight without feeling hungry through boosting the “good” bacteria in the digestive tract.

Any client wishing for additional support can upgrade to one of these programs at a reduced rate after completing the 90 Minute Blue Print. Alternatively, anyone can sign up for one of these programs after completing a 30-minute Optimal Health Discovery Session.

These are the one-on-one programs that I offer:

The 28 Day Jump Start Program: Through this program, I will provide you with an introduction to anti-inflammatory menus and healthy lifestyle journaling exercises, empowering you to establish new routines that boost exercise peak performance. Journaling exercises are optional. What you get: one 90 Minute Blue Print, followed by three hour long meetings, meeting once per week over a period of 28 days.

The 90 Day Maximum Movement Program: Through this program, I will guide you through the process of creating a flexible anti-inflammatory healthy eating plan and establishing a healthy lifestyle journaling routine, so you can make your next race, fitness activity, or adventure your best ever. Journaling exercises are optional. What you get: one 90 Minute Blue Print, followed by five hour long meetings, meeting twice per month over a period of 90 days.

The 90 Day Slim Down and Feel Satisfied Program: Through this program, I will guide you through the process of creating delicious meal and snack menus for losing weight without feeling hungry. These menus will be based on a healthy eating plan that helps the body to burn fat, rather than store it, through boosting the “good” bacteria in the digestive tract. Optional journaling exercises will also be included.

Free Optimal Health Discovery Sessions are available to help you learn more about these programs.

Here are some of the benefits and features of these programs:

Clients are given the support they need to make the lifestyle and dietary changes that they choose. Support is provided for clearing up nagging pain and boosting immunity through highly effective approaches including: healthy eating plans and healthy lifestyle options.

The lifestyle approaches include relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and visualization.

I will also offer you the option of doing healthy lifestyle journaling to keep you in touch with your big “why” behind your personal health goals.

The above programs provide cutting edge, proven solutions for boosting health and vitality. These solutions include a healthy eating plan that balances the microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits that this healthy eating plan can bring include the following:

  • clears up nagging pain and chronic inflammation through inhibiting biochemical irritants
  • curbs sugar and carb cravings through killing off the strains of bacteria that thrive on sugar
  • supercharges metabolism, so you can eat more nutrient dense foods without gaining weight
  • boosts immunity and vitality, so you can re-consider signing up for that trek through the rainforest
  • increases energy for sports and other vigorous activities, empowering you to excel in new, exciting  ways in your exercise program

To ask questions, or to request an invite to Susan’s mailing list, please contact her at  [email protected] or (301) 565-0143. She  is based in Chevy Chase, MD and meets with clients from anywhere over the phone and Skype.

I had no idea of the value of health coaching until I had the pleasure of being coached by Susan. Her vast array of knowledge and sources of information are truly impressive and quite helpful for me. Susan made it very clear that she was happy to research topics of interest for me and has provided me with incredibly useful information that I have been able to implement in my life to make dietary changes that have left me feeling healthier and more empowered. I am grateful for Susan’s commitment to her clients and I feel much better about my current eating habits. Susan helped me to realize that change is not as difficult as it may have seemed before we began. Thank you Susan!

Heather, Rutherford, New Jersey

I took Advil for many years whenever I did anything strenuous, which was quite often. Starting a few days after I began the new healthy eating plan that Susan recommended for me, my aches and pains subsided and I never needed Advil for pain again.

David, Canterbury, New Hampshire

I am grateful to Susan for her well-researched and sustainable suggestions for improving my diet and, in turn, my health.  Already a long-time runner and nutrition enthusiast when I first met Susan, I didn’t initially realize that there was room for improvement in creating a diet which was optimal for fitness and overall health.  Susan helped me rethink the ways I’d been using added sugars and sugar substitutes in my everyday diet.  Thanks to Susan, I no longer use any added sugars or sweeteners in my fruit smoothies, coffee, or tea, and I have found snack alternatives that are both healthful and satisfying.  Susan’s passion, interest, and enthusiasm about issues of fitness and health are obvious, and she truly lives the life that she teaches.  Thank you, Susan!

Michelle, North Potomac, MD

I recently came down with the beginnings of either a cold or perhaps even a sinus infection. I believe as a direct result of Susan’s suggestions of healthy foods to eat I was able to feel almost 100% better in 1 week, to the point of being able to go running again. It normally takes an average of 3 weeks for something like that to clear out of my system. Upon Susan’s suggestions I bought organic broth and kale and made soup as well as having purchased oranges and eaten them daily, 2 foods I do not normally eat. I followed other food suggestions Susan gave me and was quite surprised and delighted with how much more quickly than normal I got well! Thank you so much Susan!

Heather, Rutherford, New Jersey