Emerson Health Coaching provides high-performance, nutrient rich menu ideas and sports injury prevention for runners, fitness walkers, and cyclists, giving them the strength to reach impressive new milestones in their sports and lives.

Like having a trainer at the gym or a mentor at the office, when you have a professional to support and guide you, achieving your goals becomes a lot easier. Can you accomplish this on your own? Yes you can, however, clients find that their experience is richer, more rewarding, and more successful when a health coach guides them along their wellness journey. Here’s why:

Now is the best time ever for you to start or re-start pursuing your health goals. A health coach will support, educate, and empower you as you move through each stage along your path to wellness. Health coaches encourage their clients to take an active role in determining what their path to wellness will look like. Will you stir fry vegetables or make a green salad? Will you do yoga or a walking program? These are questions that you can discuss in depth with your coach.

Give yourself the gift of health coaching and you can achieve great successes and optimal health.