Emerson Health Coaching provides high-performance, nutrient rich menu ideas and sports injury prevention for runners, fitness walkers, and cyclists, giving them the strength to reach impressive new milestones in their sports and lives.


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My name is Susan and I am the owner of Emerson Health Coaching.

I have an emerging specialty of getting great results for runners and fitness walkers. In addition, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained through greatly improving my own vitality and 10k times with the support of whole foods nutrition.

I work in partnership with my clients, providing them with new solutions, inspiration, and insights, and empowering them to use their own insights, personal strengths, and good judgment to come up with strategies for reaching their health and life goals through rewarding processes.


You have come to the right place if you are seeking:

● A caring, dedicated professional who understands the challenges of maintaining healthy routines in a modern, fast paced world.

● A personable and approachable coach who listens to your concerns.

● Positive insights and highly effective approaches for making exercise more enjoyable.

● Time mastery techniques that enable you to fit more healthy eating and exercise routines into your schedule.

White Mountain Milers 2015 Half Marathon

White Mountain Milers 2015 Half Marathon


White Mountain Milers 2015 Half Marathon Finish

White Mountain Milers 2015 Half Marathon Finish